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New Knowle Dog Walking Service Coming Soon!

Welcome to our first ever blog post. From the 1st September 2018 there will be a new Knowle Dog Walking service offering a range of professional services. Besides Knowle I will also be serving the Dorridge and Bentley Heath areas. This blog will be used to tell local people about who I am and what services I offer but will also feature other useful articles for pet owners.

Knowle Dog Walking Service – Who am I?

My name is Graham Blake and at the time of writing I have lived in the local area for over 20 years. I’ve always been passionate about animals and owned a variety of pets in my time. It’s only now in 2018 however that the timing was right to make my passion my job too. Rather than just dip my toe into pet services to test the water I want to start as I mean to go on. That means being professional from the very start. Naturally I am fully insured for all the services I provide. I show my insurance documents to all new clients for their peace of mind.  I also show my DBS (disclosure barring service) document which shows I don’t have a criminal record and can be trusted with your house keys. I also have a certificate showing that I have taken a dog first aid course, again for your peace of mind.

My professional outlook extends to the type of vehicle I use. I use a dedicated air conditioned vehicle complete with proper industry standard dog cages. I carefully match dogs based on their personality and abilities so that each dog gets the sort of walk they like and deserve. I walk in some of the best local locations taking into account things like safety, weather conditions and importantly the needs of the dogs.

Knowle Dog Walking – Other Services

Without doubt the 1 hour group walk will be the most popular service. It’s not the only service on offer however. Our Puppy Visits service is ideal for clients who work and need someone to attend to the needs of their puppy. Puppies can get separation anxiety so a short visit in the middle of the day can help. Puppies also have weak bladders and usually need feeding 3 times a day so for busy, working families this service is ideal.

The other service on offer is our Pet Sitting service. Cats tend to be more independent than dogs but if you are on holiday they still need feeding and their litter tray changed. They also enjoy company. For many, short visits from a pet sitter are the preferred option over using a cattery. Pets like familiar surroundings and routine. Our pet sitting service is also popular with owners of rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc. We provide updates following our visits so you know that your pet is happy and in good hands.

So if you are looking for a Knowle Dog Walking service or require a pet sitter please get in touch. Besides Knowle we also service Bentley Heath and Dorridge.

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