Pet Sitting Solihull

Are you looking for a reliable Solihull pet sitting service? Whether it’s a dog sitter, cat sitter or sitter for other small animals we can help. 

We also cover Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath.

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Cat & Dog Sitting

Pet Sitting Solihull, inc Bentley Heath & Dorridge

At Knowle Dog Walker we offer two main pet sitting services. Short pop-in visits for cats and small animals in order to feed, water, clean and check that your pets are fine and well.

We also provide a longer pet sitting service aimed primarily at dogs. This involves staying in the client’s house and looking after your dog(s) for extended periods of times. Pet sitting in the client’s home provides a great alternative to dog boarding or kennels.

Find out more about each service below:

Pop-in Visits (approx. 15 mins)

Booking cat sitting and small animal visits with us allows your pet’s routine to remain the same whilst you enjoy a well-earned break.

All animals have their own individual personality and will react differently to a change in environment. Many animals, especially cats, are creatures of habit and scary as it may seem to us, they are often much happier left in their own environment. Outdoor cats will often continue to come and go as they please quite happily as long as they are being fed and watered.

For this very reason, cat sitting and small animal visits have become an increasingly popular option for owners who want to avoid the stress of a cattery whilst still safe in the knowledge that someone is checking up on their beloved pet.

It’s still an uncomfortable prospect leaving your pet ‘home alone’ but by choosing a reliable service to attend to your pet’s needs, you can relax during your time away (we can even send you pictures if you like).

We will treat your pets as we would expect ours to be treated, during each visit we will usually feed, if outdoor cats, call them in to check they are fit and well and change the cat litter if required. But let’s not forget, a big cuddle is our first priority! We can also administer any medication at the owner’s request and will carry out small jobs such as put out the bins and draw/open the curtains where required.

Any extra requirements can be discussed at our initial consultation.

Pet Sitting (24 Hours)

Aimed primarily at dog owners who may be away from home. This extended stay service is suited to clients who wish for someone to stay at their house with their dog(s) and ensure they are well looked after in their own environment. Dogs are happiest in their own familiar surroundings and having someone look after and care for all their needs can be a great alternative to sending your dog(s) to the kennels when you go away.

As part of the service we include a 1 hour walk each day and lots of playtime and fuss. They will not be left alone for long periods and they will be fed, watered and cared for.

The added benefit of this service is that your house will be looked after and safe, the post will be collected, and we can even water the plants for you. We will also happily provide photo updates whilst you are away for added peace of mind.

Any extra requirements can be discussed at our initial consultation.


Pet Sitter

15 Minutes
£ 7
  • Feeding & water
  • Litter tray cleaned
  • Toilet break
  • Social interaction
  • All pets considered

Pet Sitter

Per 24 Hours
£ 30
  • Additional Dogs £5.00 each
  • Dog(s) cared for and walked
  • House looked after
  • Post taken in, plants watered
  • Photo updates

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