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Lintran Dog Cages

Dog Walking Vehicle Options

One of the most important factors for anyone deciding to set up as a dog walker is the decision around what vehicle to use. There are many dog walkers around that will use a car, particularly those who have only just set up in business. Cars are cheaper to insure, run and own and can provide a good basis for starting a business, however ultimately any serious dog walker who wants to provide a professional service will most likely want to upgrade to a van at some stage.

For myself, I have decided to use a VW Maxi Caddy van which will not only help aid the professional nature of the business but it will also gain many practicalities over using a car. The main benefit of course is the added space to allow dogs to travel in comfort and safety, this therefore opens up the option to fit custom cages, something that would appeal to any client.

Where to start?

There are many providers of custom cages in the UK which has led to quite a variety in options, particularly when it comes to what budget you may have for a cage system. They range from the most premium companies who are dedicated to this industry and have many years experience, all the way down to those who prefer to buy pre-made crates or even using local welders to create a suitable arrangement.

For myself it was important that this investment was well thought out as potentially the cages can last the whole of your career. The huge benefit of custom cages are that they can easily be removed from one vehicle to another, therefore with that in mind it was important that I looked for an experienced premium supplier where I could be assured of the quality.

Why use Lintran Dog Cages?

From my research there are a few stand out companies, most notably TransK9 and Lintran. Both would be more than ideal. Lintran however do offer a few benefits that are worth the investment.

Lintran side cages with escape hatch
Side cages complete with escape hatches

The cages are called the ‘verso’ system which means they can be reconfigured, If you need the extra space you can change the 4 back cages into 2 larger cages or even one huge cage, this could prove useful for catering for the larger breed. These cages are also crash tested and come with escape hatches to release the dogs from the side doors in case of a rear end incident. These added safety features can really help put client’s minds at ease knowing that their pride and joy are travelling around as safely as possible. This was something that I thought would be very important to clients.

Lintran 12v Coolong Fans
Cooling Fans

Another add on that was important for the hot sunny days was to think about the ventilation. Whilst the van comes with air con it is also important to ensure this ventilation can reach around the whole van and quickly. These two powerful fans help with the air flow to ensure that no matter what cage a dog is in they can all be kept nice and cool, even on the hottest of days.

The cages are also galvanised to prevent rust and fitted with heavy duty black mats which should prove chew proof. The cages also use a solid white plastic coating which reflects heat and can keep cages cooler by up to 20 degrees.


Overall I am really happy with the Lintran cages, they look professional and have all the features I wanted to ensure safe travel along with a premium long lasting feel. I have a feeling I will never need to invest in another set of cages again, these should easily pass the test of time and I am sure every dog will benefit from having a well equipped vehicle designed to meet their every need. From my current time using these cages I can already highly recommend Lintran to anyone who is serious about transporting their pets around safely and securely.

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  1. Hi, I have a Volkswagen caddy van which I’m looking to replace the crates in. I want to be able to order and fit myself. I’m interested in having the same as the illustrated pictures, is this something you can supply? If so can you give me an idea of time and cost.

    1. Hi Hazel thank you for your message, My van is the VW Caddy Maxi, so I believe this version is a slightly longer van if yours is the standard Caddy but I believe these crates were custom made for the vehicle. I actually bought this van with these new Lintran cages already installed so I’m unsure of the exact price. I know someone who had a smaller Lintran set up cost £1600 a few years ago so I expect the one in my pictures is circa £2000+. I know the previous van owner of this van had the Lintran cages installed and I believe he had to travel there and leave the van with them for 1 day whilst they made them to the his requirements/specifications. I hope that helps somewhat.

      Kind regards, Graham.

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